Watch out for our  new album "Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness"!!! Release Date: 16.01.2015


++ OBSCURE INFINITY's debut album 'Dawn Of Winter' back from the grave ++

Finally back ! We're happy to re-release Obscure Infinity's debut album "Dawn Of Winter". Originally released 2010, almost 7 years ago, by Obscure Domain Productions. The re-issue will be the same as the version 2010. No changes, no additionals, no fillers, just pure Death Metal killers !

"Dawn Of Winter" will hit the stores March 24th. 2017 on CD by F.D.A. Records / Soulfood Music.

A new T-Shirt designed by Rebecca Wæik will be up at the same time.

Upcoming shows:

Am 04.06.16 spielen wir in Göttingen auf dem Underground Remains Open Air!

We are currently working on demo recordings of new songs for our fourth full length!

Our first music video! Made by the team of Gratwanderung!

We´re confirmed for Summer Breeze Open Air 2016!

Next shows

12.02.16 - Wermelskirchen

13.02.16 - Kassel

20.02.16 - Schweinfurt

11.03.16 - Koblenz

07.04.16 - Wolfsburg

08.04.16 - Hamburg

09.04.16 - Leer


New shirts! 10 euro plus shipping!

Next year in Schweinfurt!

New live gigs confirmed

In September Supreme Chaos Records will release a 12" split vinyl.

Arroganz + Lifeless + Obscure Infinity + Reckless Manslaughter

Every Band on this split will contribute with one unreleased and brand-

new track!!!

You can preorder it here:

In October this year we´ll play together with Torture Killer, Massive Assault, Wound, Eraserhead and Reckless Mansalughter in Mainz!!!

Here you can find an Obscure Infinity special of Chris from NecroSlaughter and Rayk from Hammerheart Zine:


Thank you both so much!!!

Next live shows:

29.05.15 Koblenz

30.05.15 Kaiserslautern

From today until next friday (16.01.15) you can listen to the entire album. Thanks to Deaf Forever for the support!!!

Here´s the stream:

For all you vinyl junkies!!! The blue/black marbled vinyl is already sould out! But you still can get the black vinyl!

Next friday!!!

Next concert:

Check out another song of the new record:

Just a small teaser: This is the intro of our new album. Check it out!

Listen to "Sorcery Of The Black Souls" on Soundcloud:

If you want to listen to the opening song of our upcoming album "Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness", you can do it here:




Finally a livesign from two of the best German Death Metal acts. WOUND recorded an brandnew song named „Kingdom Of Deceit“ and OBSCURE INFINITY came up with „Perdition Destiny“ an appetizer for their upcoming album which will be unleashed in very early 2015. Artwork and Layout by Rebecca Hirschkonditor. This record is limited to 100 red colored and 400 black colored copies and will be released on September 19th.


The pre-sale begins right now, be clever and catch your limited colored copy now.

Teaser on Youtube:


We are really proud to unveil the cover artwork for our next full length "Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness". This amazing piece of art was done by the mighty Juanjo Castellano. We are totally blown away by his incredible talent! We couldn´t imagine any better cover for us than this:

Recording of the guitar solo of the track "Descending Into Nothingness"


We split in your face!!! Together with Funeral Whore in August and with Wound in September. Don´t miss this 7 inches!!!

OBSCURE INFINITY suchen einen DRUMMER!!! Technische Fähigkeiten wie Blastbeats, Doublebass, Skankbeats etc. setzen wir voraus. Live- und Studioerfahrung sind von Vorteil. Proberaum mit großem Drumset (Tama Artstar ES2, Axis-Pedale etc.) vorhanden. Auftrittsmöglichkeiten im In- und Ausland sind gegeben. Die Identifikation mit der Musik und ein hohes Maß an Motivation sind Voraussetzung!!! Bei Interesse, melde dich über oder eine PN direkt über unsere facebook-Seite.

Some impressions of our studio appearance. The recording sessions are done. Now we will go on with the mix and mastering!

We´re currently at the studio to record our third full length! The new songs are the fuckin´best material we´ve ever had!!! Expect nothing less than our masterpiece!!! The album will be released via F.D.A. Rekotz. Stay tuned for more informations!

This will be the artwork for our split 7" with Wound! The release date will be announced soon!

The split 7" arrived yesterday! There will be three different versions:


200 x black vinyl

100 x transparent red vinyl

33 x clear vinyl (special german Die Hard edition)



Here you can download Issue Nr. 1 of VM-Underground zine for free:


Support this awesome zine! By the way you´ll find an interview with us and a great review of "Putrefying Illusions"!

Another shot of our show at Kill Town Death Fest

Some more pics of our show at Kill-Town Death Fest

Here you can read a small interview and listen to one song of Obscure Infinity and Humiliation from the upcoming split that will be released via Brutal Art Records. Thanks to Chris from Necroslaughter Online zine!

Some live impressions of our show at Kill-Town Death Fest!

"Sacrificial Ritual" performed live at Kill-Town Death Fest 2013!

Our split single with HUMILIATION will be released in October 2013 via Brutal Art Records. The 7"  will be strictly limited to only 300 copies. 100 in red vinyl and 200 in black vinyl. Get your copy!

"Morbid Ways Of God" performed live at Party.San 2012

OBSCURE INFINITY will play at Kill-Town Death Fest

OBSCURE INFINITY - Putrefying Illusions - LP will be out on May 24th.!! pre-order the limited colored version

New review about our split 7" with Deathronation online:

New shirts, longsleeves and hoodies with exclusive design available via Bret Hard Records!!! IMPORTANT: Longsleeves and hoodies only available over presale!!! Presale ends on may 20th! So make your order here:

Don´t forget to preorder your copy of the vinyl version of "Putrefying Illusions"! The clear vinyl is limited to only 100 copies!!! So be fast:

Obscure Infinity will play together with Lifeless, Witchtower and Reckless Manslaughter at Leimy´s Birthday Carnage!!!

We are proud to announce that the vinyl version of "Putrefying Illusions" will be released by FDA Rekotz! The LP version will be limited to 500 copies, 100 copies in clear vinyl and 400 copies in black vinyl!
Release Date: May 24th
Pre-sale starts on April 3rd!

Great news!!!! Obscure Infinity confirmed for Kill-Town Death Fest 2013!!!

Next Live Rituals

Out now: Our Split Single with DEATHRONATION!!!

Some new live rituals are confirmed:


11.01.13 Jam Club Koblenz together with DESERTED FEAR and  


02.02.13 Vortex Siegen together with OBSCENITY, VENENUM and

                 REVEL IN FLESH


Be there or be dead!!!

Our Split Single with DEATHRONATION will be out soon!!!

Some important news: We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with F.D.A. Rekotz over two albums!!! Expect total Death Metal mayhem for our next full length!!!


Die ersten Reviews zu "Putrefying Illusions" sind online:

First reviews online:

Our second strike is unleashed: "Putrefying Illusions" is out now!!! Death Metal the way it was meant to be!!!

A new song from our upcoming album: This is "Ascension-Kenosis" performed live at Vortex Siegen!

We will play at the Party San Open Air 2012. We are one of the ten bands chosen to play at the Newcomer stage. So be there all you Old School Death Metal maniacs!!!

We have finished the recordings for our second full length. The album has the title "Putrefying Illusions". It will be released on CD by Obscure Domain Productions (Germany) and on LP by Chaos Records (Mexico). The release date will be mid 2012. More infos coming soon!

Here you can see us playing a classic tune: "Over The Mountain" from Ozzy